Touching Testimony from a Miami Neuroscience Center Patient’s Relative

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We have just received this moving testimony from the son of one of our patients from the Miami Neuroscience Center at Larkin. We have reproduced it below with permission of the sender


From: Freddy…

Sent: Monday, April 13, 2015 10:53 a.m.

To: Aizik L. Wolf; Karol Martinez;

Subject: Paulina … – PERU


Dear Miami Neuroscience Center:

I’m infinitely thankful to all the friends at the Miami Neuroscience Center, especially to Dr. Aizik Wolf, who leads this great group of first-class professionals, and also to Ms. Karol Martinez, who has given such special treatment to my mother Pauline who sadly passed away on Sunday, April 5 this year.
 The little time my mother had left alive was extended to the maximum thanks to the treatment provided by you. That is why I’m infinitely grateful for having allowed her to have a quality of life where love was present with much more strength.
 Now, I remember the words that my mother said, “We went so far to get a treatment, where no one knew us but we just find all these very good people.”

I hope you continue providing care for and helping all people in need. I’m sure my mother is now an angel who will guide you all from heaven so you could continue providing such upscale treatment to all those who need it.
Thank you very much, Dr. Aizik Wolf.