Southeasterners Don’t Know Symptoms of Brain Cancer


Miami Neuroscience Center Medical Director Says Education Needed to Save Lives

South Miami, Florida, October 10, 2013 – – A majority of Southeasterners in the U.S. don’t know the symptoms of brain cancer. The findings in a new survey commissioned by the Miami Neuroscience Center (MNC) also revealed misinformation is another significant problem. Conducted by Toluna Global Research, the MNC survey randomly sampled a cross section of men and women over the age of 25 in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

While many people are aware of brain tumors, a surprising number are not educated about the symptoms of brain cancer or what treatment options are available when brain cancer is diagnosed. More than 54% of the general population and 63% of Hispanics responding to “The Brain Tumor I.Q. Test” survey mistakenly believe headaches are the leading symptom of brain tumors. When it comes to seeking treatment, the survey found that Southeasterners lack the information they need. A staggering 74% of general population respondents and 73% of Hispanic respondents had no idea that there were non-invasive medical procedures available for removing or treating brain tumors.
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